About Us

Hello! We are the Petersens, owners of Glacial Gear. Both of us are from families in the northern Midwest. Shereen was born in northern Minnesota surrounded by the beauty of the Northwoods-just a mile away from the Superior Hiking Trail. Shane grew up in northern Illinois and throughout his life, he has enjoyed the outdoors. Over the last 1/2 decade he has rekindled a love of hiking. After 30 years of marriage, we have raised our 2 kids, watched them start the next phases of their lives and did what many parents do: we turned a bedroom into our sewing studio. So, here we are, in the same small town we’ve called home for over 20 years where just a few miles away is our favorite place to hike after a hard day of work, Glacial Park. It is a hidden treasure of Kames, rolling forests and the peaceful Nippersink Creek. We draw inspiration here as well as from the beauty of our nearby Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Glacial Gear was conceived out of Shane’s need for a trail towel to wipe sweat away while hiking. His inability to find what he was envisioning led to him making his own. We’re excited to share this with you in the form of our Merino wool Trail Rag. This is our hygienic, sustainable & convenient solution to a common problem for those who enjoy the outdoors everywhere. In an effort to protect the nature we all love, we are happy to be using a sustainable resource (Merino wool), recyclable materials in our shipping, as well as 100% compostable cellophane in our product packaging. Welcome to the Glacial Gear family and happy trails!

Shereen & Shane