Responsible Stewardship

We are proudly partnered with! Our common goal is to encourage, bring awareness and educate people in how to be good stewards of our public spaces. 

Some words from Benny Braden below, Founder of “Responsible Stewardship”.


What is Responsible Stewardship?…………

The core values of Responsible Stewardship are rooted deep into our beliefs that together we all can foster these ethics to make all public lands and public spaces a cleaner and better place that welcomes everyone to enjoy responsibly. 

Our Ethics;

🔘KNOW: Know and understand the effects of your impact on the areas you visit both physically and digitally.

🔘ACT: Once you see something, it becomes your responsibility. Take action, get involved and volunteer.

🔘EDUCATE: Educate others through your action. Lead by your example and educate the importance of caring for all areas.

🔘ADVOCATE: Use your voice and social media platform to raise awareness of problems facing our outdoor communities.

🔘DONATE: Donate to organizations or groups that maintain, manage or preserve public lands, green spaces or parks.

🔘TAG LIGHTLY: Consider your digital impact before hashtagging and geotagging posts on social media.

🔘TOGETHER: Responsible Stewardship is something everyone can do. Together we can make our outdoor areas better and more inviting to all. 


Feel free to save and share these Ethics on your social media accounts. Our mission is to “Educate Through Action” the importance of caring for our public lands and public spaces. We can do this TOGETHER.