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Merino Wool Sleeping Bag Liner

Merino Wool Sleeping Bag Liner

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Our sleeping bag liner is the perfect addition to your sleep system! Merino wool is the ideal fabric for sleeping comfort with its temperature-regulating properties. Naturally antimicrobial, Merino will help keep your bag funk free compared to its synthetic counterparts. The exceptional horizontal stretch in the fabric will feel unrestricted in this mummy shaped liner and comfortable all night long. Use it alone on those milder nights as a summer-weight sleeping bag, depending on your comfort level, with minimal layering on 65+degree trails. It’s also perfect for overnights in hostels/hotels!It’s breathability lets water vapor from your body pass right through but also maintains its ability to keep you warm if it happens to get damp. We’re proud to offer this premium alternative to other sleeping bag liner options available in the industry!

-100% New Zealand Sourced ZQ Merino wool

-GSM: 200-Micron: 18.9

-Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes covering the height ranges of up to 5’6”, 6’ and 6’6”. Total lengths of 68”, 74” and 80” . All have a 56” circumference at the shoulders.

-Small: 14.2 oz Medium: 15.2 oz Large: 16 oz (Very slight weight variations possible)

-Machine wash on delicate cycle/ lay flat to dry or tumble dry on low heat.

For some it will be a tough call as to whether the extra weight is worth carrying along with their sleeping bag but for others like Patrick “Dosu Kinuta” French it isn’t a question. He’s used it along with his Zpacks sleeping bag on the Ice Age Trail (He set the unsupported Fastest Known Time record for the trail on this hike) this Spring and has recently used it as his primary bag for the initial part the North Dakota and Minnesota sections of his tenth National Scenic Trail, The North Country Trail. He has over 3000 miles backpacked while testing our liner and shares some of his thoughts below…

 “Having Thru-Hiked 16,000 miles in the last 8 years I've experienced quite a bit of the adversities one can expect on any backpacking trip here in the United States. One thing I like about a bag liner in general is that when I am dirty and sweaty that it will act as a barrier between that filth and your sleeping bag or quilt which are typically difficult to clean and dry. Another benefit it helps you find the right sleeping temperature for you is that much like kicking the blankets off your bed and just having the sheet, but it can also add warmth when cold.What I like about this liner specifically as opposed to others I've had is that it's made with high quality Merino wool here in the United States. Merino wool if you're not aware is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it helps to keep it from smelling bad. In addition to it's antimicrobial properties the way moisture, sweat, is wicked away from the body through Merino is that it allows it to pass through as vapor, or steam. This helps keep you from sweating in your sleep and getting the down in your sleeping bag wet like a synthetic will. Depending on how hot or cold you sleep at night this bag liner offers a variety of options based on your body, the conditions you are in, and the rest of your sleep system. The size is great and it fits perfectly around my Thermarest Neo Air for nights that I don't want to be inside it but like to have it covered so my skin doesn't stick to the plastic material of the pad on hot nights. Given the quality of the bag liner and the benefits for me is worth the weight year round."

”Patrick French a.k.a “Dosu Kinuta”

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Exactly what I have been searching for!

Cozy, stretchy, soft and warm. Perfect liner so far.